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Our Commitment to Team Culture

We’re dedicated to maintaining an empowering team culture here at WCA. Our many group outings help ensure that our work atmosphere remains positive and inspiring. Paul, our firm’s President, explained, “We make a point of organizing regular team nights to strengthen bonds among our sales and marketing managers. These outings ensure that we have strong relationships throughout our team, which pay off in the form of tighter collaboration back at the office.”

Our recent team nights include a Cardinals game, a bowling outing, and a spa day for some of our specially selected top performers. Every time we come together for a fun outing, we learn more about each other as people. With greater appreciation of our unique talents, we come back to work freshly inspired to tackle new projects.

Recognition is also a major part of the WCA ethos, with team nights playing significant roles. Paul added, “We want to make sure our team members know we value their hard work and dedication. Hosting a wide range of group activities is a great way to show them that we appreciate their efforts. The fact that our people grow closer through these events is just icing on the cake. Our group outings are perfect illustrations of the supportive culture we’ve built.”

Our winning team atmosphere continues to push WCA forward in the marketplace. Like us on Facebook to find more of our culture-building insights.