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Together We Create Success, Near and Far

Our WCA footprint continues to expand! Recently, our Director of Human Resources, Mital, traveled to our Florida office to follow up on this new venture and provide additional support, which will ensure our company’s sustainable growth.

“I traveled there when the location first opened,” Mital explained. “This visit was to check in and confirm everything is running smoothly and note the goals they’ve accomplished since opening.”

As per our WCA learning environment, training is an iterative cycle. “When I first visited, I focused on training their HR administrator,” Mital explained. “I wanted to reconnect, answer any questions, and review training needs. These follow-up visits are important for our firm’s overall success. Often, what we learn during onboarding takes time to absorb, especially until we’ve had some first-hand experience. After a few months, it’s easier to pinpoint our learning requirements to truly master our roles.”

In our WCA workplace, we work with people to ensure they understand our sales and marketing methods. “Coaching is essential,” said Mital. “This practice allows us to guide them during their earliest days and make sure they are fully prepared for the next level. After they’ve reached the point of working independently, we still need to be present to help them go further. I think we have a great professional development program.”

We support each other as we grow our business and our team members. Check out our Newswire for updates on our progress.