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Hitting the Road to Network and Learn

Members of Team WCA receive all kinds of travel opportunities, including seminars and visits to other successful offices. These trips offer a variety of benefits, including extensive potential for learning and networking. They’re also great ways to recognize team members for excellent performance.

Recently, three of our team members were chosen to attend a leadership conference in Dallas. This event will allow them to interact with top leaders from all corners of our industry. Paul, our firm’s President, stated, “These three high performers will learn best practices from influential leaders. As they interact with these accomplished people, our team members will see the bigger picture of what’s really possible in our business.”

Hearing from successful leaders who worked their way up from the ground floor will inspire our people to reach for even more. Matt, our Director of Operations, remarked, “There’s something uniquely inspiring about spending time with accomplished people. Our promotional specialists always seem to come back to the WCA office rejuvenated after a big event like the Dallas conference. It’s exciting to watch them apply what they learned to tackle new challenges.”

The chance to earn travel incentives also helps us set clear goals. When we know exactly what we need to do in order to take the next memorable trip, we’re better equipped to set actionable objectives and measure our progress.

We’re looking forward to our next big getaway. Keep up with all our travel events by following WCA on Twitter.